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Lazery Basics Velvet Suit Hangers 50 pcs.


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Product Description

Product Description

When our Soft Grip Hangers arrive at your doorstep, grab that brown Amazon box, tear it open. Take one of the hangers, examine it closely. You will see that they look different. More refined. Sturdier. The non-slippery velvet flocking means they will hold your sweaters, tops, blouses, shirts in place, with way less wrinkling than other hangers.

The smooth, non-reflective black color gives them an air of quality and provide a classy look. Indeed, unlike a lot of other velvet hangers, our velvet flocking will not fall off and leave ugly residue on your clothes. The bonus 10 cascading hooks let you save even more space, and tie/scarf bar lets you neatly organize your ties and scarves

Try our Hangers out immediately. Grab that suit… or that pair of jeans.. or that t-shirt – and hang them in the closet. Notice that our hangers do not sag easily. That is because they are built to last… and can weather a thing or two.

16.5 inches plus notches for straps and loops – means you will never have to compromise and these hangers will be a perfect fit for the closet of almost any adult.

They save tons of space, too. Despite being large enough even for a suit, they are thin. Just 1/5inch thick, to be exact. That is more than 50% less than your wooden clothes hanger.

You also get 10 cascading hooks. That will help you save even more space.. the tightest closet will suddenly seem spacious enough.

So here is what we would like you to do. Swap out a few of your old hangers. Use the tie/scarf hole in our Hangers to arrange your ties and scarves. Your closet immediately looks better. Imagine the results after you have used the whole 25 of our hangers. You will want another 25 immediately. That is why we recommend you order more packs.

After all, you are covered by our 30 day money back guarantee – so there is no risk anyway!

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